Ashton Shiray Photography | About
I remember the first time I picked up a camera, in my innocence I felt as though I had the key to unlock the hidden beauty in objects through my lens. I remember feeling as if I was able to see a hidden world through my camera that most people over looked. As I grew older I held on to this thought and wanted to learn more about the camera and the art behind it. I loved to capture photos of objects that may have been aged, broken or forgotten by the human eye. I wanted to give these objects life again, and to tell their story. As time passed and I grew older I wondered what it would be like if I applied this same curiosity to people. I fell in love with shooting portraits and using people as my subject. I've always loved to write and tell stories and through photography I was able to tell stories in a new and exciting way. This became much more than a hobby but turned into a passion and a dream. I went on to study photography and design at the Art Institute of Portland in Oregon and continued my studies at the Art Institute of Colorado. After moving back to Pueblo I wanted to share people's stories and capture those beautiful life moments and make them so much more than a memory and more of a story of that specific moment in time. I hope to continue to be a story teller through my images and to capture life's beautiful moments for all who will allow.